3 Pinterest hacks to get you started on Designing your event

Pinterest is my favourite starting point when it comes to event design and story board creation. It's the one place where you can get ideas and organize your favourite ones by theme/event/etc. Here are my fav Pinterest hacks:

  • CREATE SOME BOARDS: As many as you will need to organize your event. What are my popular boards? Colours/Theme, Details & Decor, Flowers, Cake/Sweets Table, DIY elements, Invitations
    Go on your Pinterest homepage and click on Create Board.

  • GET INSPIRED! Specific search terms will save you time and will give you better quality pins; "bohemian wedding flowers", "blush wedding arrangements", etc. You will get hundreds/thousands of results for each search. 

What I do with my favourite pins:

1) GO DEEPER.- Instead of clicking on the Pin It button right on the results photos, click on the photo first. Pinterest opens the photo and it also shows you Related Pins. This is gold! Pinning from this section is a faster way to find a lot of good quality pins rather than only pinning from the results page. These are "curated" photos that are closely related to a photo that you already like. 

2) CHANGE THE DESCRIPTION.- It will basically be a note for yourself when it's time to review your Pins later: "this bouquet but with pink tones" "get a frame like this" "check if xxx has a runner like this"

3) SHARE + COLLABORATE.- Most events will involve more than one person. Bridesmaids? Mom? Friends? Planner? Share your boards with friends by clicking on the board, then click on the right upper corner:

share on pinterest

You may also want to add collaborators by clicking on the top left corner labelled Invite. 

... Happy Pinning! 

TIP: Don't forget to set your boards as Secret Boards (top right corner of the board, click on Edit Board) if you don't want other people to see your plans! :)


What other hacks do you like to use when planning + designing your events?